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Corporate e-Learning System Development


Does your company spend much budget for training dan development programs for your employees? If yes, we can help you to evaluate your programs, and categorize your programs into 3 groups:

1. Can be delivered 100% with e-Learning
2. Can be delivered partially with e-Learning
3. Best delivered by non e-Learning

The next step is we can help you to develop the e-Learning system and modules, and can organize the learning for your company or transfer the organizing activities to your team.

Guarantee: we guarantee the learning objectives can be achieved by e-Learning better than the conventional methode with much less budget than conventional approach, even when you include our services fee.

Scope Of Work

a. consultancy, assessing the cost benefits of your current training and development programs
b. e-Learning modules development, management, and evaluation

Measurable Objectives

a. Learning results better than conventional approach (Kirkpatrick method)
b. Overal budget of the new approach will be much less than conventional approach