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Company Profile

Intellectual Business Community

Empowering your business, intellectualy
It started in June 2006, with Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, as the initiator, and served as the Executive Director. IBC has built networks of more than 500 owners, CEOs, and professionals. IBC has also built the intellectuality of business community by providing seminars, workshops, radio talks, and TV program, by using the materials from Harvard Business Review. The radio talk in SmartFM 95.9FM (the largest business radio network covering more than 15 cities in Indonesia) has been on-air since June 2006, approaching 7 years. The additional new radio talk in Brava Radio 103.8FM (radio for business people) started February 2013. The TV program at QTV (a cable TV) ran between 2008-2011, called The CEO Reference, presenting a talk-show between Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie as the host, and the guests of CEOs, Ministers, Owners of Companies, using framework of Harvard Business Review.

Currently IBC runs the Global Mind Leaders program, with sources from Harvard Business Review, and also provides companies with consultancy, seminar, and workshop, focusing on Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, and Learning Organization.
- To build friendship among business leaders by activities that can improve intellectuality, logically and emotionally.
- To advance intellectuality of business people, corporate and society.
To be the strongest network of intellectual business people in Indonesia.
Our expertise span a variety of industry:
Telecommunication, Technology based manufacturing, Consumer products, Outsourcing service companies, Oil and Gas, Property, Public Education, Insurance and Banking
Today, company faces many operational challenges.
These are our capabilities in transforming their enterprises.
Benchmarking and transforming into Learning Organization, Leadership Development, Strategic Management, Strategic Human Resources, Strategic Marketing
At present, our clients operate in various industries in Jakarta, East Java and other regions. They come to us for seeking fresh approaches to the issues that matter most to them. Through a rigorous analysis of each client’s individual situation, we develop customized solutions that meet the organization’s specific needs. The case examples here illustrate how we help clients sharpen their capabilities, create value, increasing their business network.
Public Education Industry
Youth Entrepreneurship Program in Sampoerna Academy Malang and Palembang
A new approach in teaching entrepreneurship for senior high school students through CEO internship in real business unit. The main objective is giving a real experience of operational, marketing and finance of business through involvement of students for 6 month. Through this program, each school now has independently able to run their entrepreneurship program after assisted by IBC. As result, each school now has increased 200% of their business network, increased the enterpreneurship skills of the teachers and students.
Harvard Business Review based Regular Discussion Forum for Executives
We believe that continuous learning is the key to success for every body, especially in the current super competitive business world. Therefore we created a forum called Global Mind Leaders, where once every month, Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie leads a discussion based on Harvard Business Review articles to learn from the best global source of management knowledge and experience shared. This forum creates not only attitude of open mind, but also a habit of continuous quests for a better approach in developing self and companies.