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Company Profile

Intellectual Business Community

Empowering your business, intellectualy
- To advance intellectuality of business people, corporate and society.
- To help the leaders of companies and business society embracing Digital Transformation.
To be the reliable partner and reference for intellectual business people in Indonesia.
What we do
Currently IBC provides companies with management consultancy, seminars, and workshops, focusing on Digital Transformation. IBC is the only consulting company that has a track record of developing Digital Transformation Blue-Print and Roadmap for several banks and other financial institution. IBC also offers tailored workshops for executives, with sources from own researches, Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review.

IBC started in 2006 with Strategic and Human Resources Trainings and Consulting. Along with the digital transformation, IBC evolves into the focus of helping the existing companies to embrace the digital transformation to become future ready companies. Digital transformation of companies involves visioning, developing new strategy, shifting the human resources management, capitalizing digital marketing, cybersecurity readiness, using emerging technologies for effective and efficient operation, and many other approaches. IBC is the only consulting company that can provide the integration of those approaches, and then develop them into an actionable and measurable five year plan for the client company.

The founder of IBC, Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, is the first PhD in digital transformation in Indonesia. He has written four books on digital transformation; Revolusi Sistem Pendidikan Nasional dengan metode e-Learning (Gramedia, 2014), Panduan Transformasi Digital Bank di Indonesia (MNC, 2021), Tujuh Teknologi Transformasi Digital Penggerak Industri 4.0 (MNC, 2023), 7x3 Prinsip-prinsip Transformasi Digital (MNC, 2023).
Our expertise span a variety of industry:
Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, Technology Providers, Consumer Products, Outsourcing service companies, Oil and Gas, Property, Public Education.
- Leading Digital Transformation Trainings
- Consulting for Digital Transformation Blue-Print and Roadmap
- In-House Workshops (based on Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review):
  • Leadership
  • Managing For Results
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Train the Trainers program
  • Finance for Non-Finance Executives/Owners
  • Tailored programs
Lead Consultant/Trainer

Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, MBA.
Dr. dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, MBA
Executive Director

He is the first PhD in digital transformation in Indonesia (graduated in early 2020 with cum laude). One of the very few educators from Indonesia who completed the course for case teaching in Harvard Business School, Boston, USA. He has been teaching for MM/MBA programs in Indonesia for more than 26 years, including in MMUI, MMBinus, MM Pelita Harapan, MM-IPMI and Post Graduate Program of London School of Public Relations.

Although he has an extensive experience and qualification of teaching, in many times he engaged in turning around companies, as his experience in Codegen Amsterdam (Europe), Indocare Group, and as the President (Rector) of Sekolah Tinggi Media Komunikasi Trisakti (2011-2015). He also serves as Management Consultant for companies, focusing on Strategic Management and Leadership Development. He speaks in national and international forum, including Indonesian Air Carrier Association (INACA) Conference, Microsoft Forum, Asian Business Forum for Compensation and Benefits, ASEAN 100 Leaders Forum, etc. He leads some organizations such as Intellectual Business Community, President Executive Club, Executive Global Network, etc, and participates in KADIN Indonesia, Komite Ekonomi Nasional, etc. Currently he is also the General Secretary of Asosiasi Digital Entrepreneur Indonesia (ADEI). He is also involved as a judge of some awards, including Digital Banking Awards 2022, as the Chief of Judge.

Through mass communication by radio and TV, he enriches people with strategic thoughts of management and leadership. He has been active in SmartFM radio network for more than 7 years, in Brava Radio, and also he has ever had TV Program called "The CEO Reference" for 3 years which collection is available at www.youtube.com/BayuPrawiraHie, or you can see the results of the google search at the following link : Google Search for Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie

He also took Lemhannas (Lembaga Pertahanan Nasional) Republik Indonesia course for national leaders, the PPSA-XIX 2013, which brought him the network and the strategic view of Indonesia as a nation, and that made him a figure who has a complete view from academic, business, and national interests perspectives.