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All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Feb 2020
  • The Digital Forces that Change Your Business

    Digitalization brings disruptive changes in business landscape. Many conventional well-established companies are facing threat of losing their existence. To survive, conventional companies should change and capitalize digital advancement through Digital Transformation
Penandatanganan Kontrak Kinerja Kerja Tahun 2020 dan Evaluasi Kinerja Tahun 2019 Bank Kalteng
  • Bank Kalteng ingin menyiapkan para pemimpinnya untuk mempunyai business mindset dan concept yang dapat membuat Bank Kalteng bertransformasi sesuai dengan perkembangan yang terjadi, melalui seminar yang dibawakan oleh Intellectual Business Community
Determinants and Consequence of Leaders’ Effectiveness in Indonesian Banks Digital Transformation
  • Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, Sekretaris Jenderal Asosiasi Digital Entrepreneur (ADEI) resmi meraih gelar doktor di Universitas Persada Indonesia YAI.
Digital Transformation Leadership - Bank Victoria
  • Bank Victoria ingin menyiapkan para pemimpinnya untuk mempunyai business mindset dan concept yang dapat membuat Bank Victoria bertransformasi sesuai dengan perkembangan yang terjadi, melalui seminar yang dibawakan oleh Intellectual Business Community.
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Dec 2019
  • Managing Cybersecurity Risks

    A lot of progress can be achieved with Digital Transformation, but on the other hand digital security risks are also things that cannot be abandoned. Unfortunately a lot who do not realize the magnitude of the danger that can occur if this risk is not properly maintained. Security risk location this digital is not only on software and hardware, but it is the biggest aspect of technology management. This session does not discuss cybersecurity technically digital, however from the perspective of a leader in managing technology.
Global Mind Leaders - Nov 2019
  • Improving The Rhythm of Your Collaboration

    Alternating between always-on connectivity and heads-down focus is essential for problem-solving.

    By Ethan Bernstein, Jesse Shore, And David Lazer ( MIT Sloan Management Review )
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Nov 2019
  • The Millenial Society

    Millennials are those born between 1980-1995, which means they are now 23-38 years old, with characteristics that are different from the previous generation (Generation X) and later generations (Gen Z). At present they constitute the largest percentage of workforce and in the next 5-10 years they will become leaders in most companies. On the other hand, they are ‘the rising middle class' in Indonesia, which determines the purchasing power of consumers. This session will explore the characteristics of the Millennial Generation both in terms of how to manage them as leaders, employees, and consumers.
BPD Kalteng All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Oct 2019
  • Pelatihan dan Pendampingan Transformasi Digital untuk Pegawai PT Bank Kalteng
Global Mind Leaders - Oct 2019
  • Building The AI-Powered Organization

    Technology isn’t the biggest challenge. Culture is.

    By Brian Mccarthy and Tamim Saleh ( Harvard Business Review )
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Oct 2019
  • Transitioning Technology in Digital Transformation

    IT is at the heart of Digital Transformation. Generally, companies that want to carry out Digital Transfor- mation have also built IT capabilities before. They often have IT systems that are already running and widely used in companies (System Legacy). However, the planned Digital Transformation is very likely to require systems and devices that are very different from those already owned and executed. What is the best way to transition? This session will discuss the above using concepts and case examples.
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Sep 2019
  • Digital Operation Management

    "Kitchen" from every business is its operation management. Many things need to be achieved in operation management, namely, among others, how to do the work most efficiently, the fastest, the most accurate, the best quality, with the least investment. This session will discuss what are the current technologies that can help achieve these goals, including robotics, 3D printing, Big Data Analytics, and others.
Global Mind Leaders - Sep 2019
  • The Age of Continuous Connection

    The New Technologies have made 24/7 customer relationships possible. It’s time to change your business model accordingly.

    By Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch ( Harvard Business Review )
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Aug 2019
  • Shifting HR Management into Digital

    "Human Resources Management is the most sensitive thing in Digital Transformation, because many things previously done by humans can now be done by machines faster, better and cheaper. In addition, many employees are difficult to increase their competence to be part of the company's future after digital transformation. Many traditional HR management methods today are no longer suitable, and demand "Agile HR Development". This session discusses how to transition from the current HR condition to HR management during the digital transformation.
Global Mind Leaders - Aug 2019
  • How Digital Leadership is(n't) Different

    Leaders must blend traditional and new skills to effectively guide their organizations into the future.

    By Gerald C. Kane, Anh Nguyen Phillips, Jonathan Copulsky, and Garth Andrus ( MIT Sloan Management Review )
Global Mind Leaders - Jul 2019
  • Don't Be Blinded by Your Own Expertise

    Deep knowledge and experience can leave leaders incurious, blinkered, and vulnerable—even in their own fields.

    By Sydney Finkelstein ( Harvard Business Review )