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Creating the best workplace on earth

and excerpt from Harvard Business Review
Two professors wrote their research-based thesis that to create the best workplace on earth where employees will be at their most productive efforts, a company needs to do only few things, which are not difficult to do, however require a high-level commitment of the top management. First, the company needs to give room for work-habit variation of the employees. Some employees might be at their most productive brain level at mornings, some might be shining at nights. The company might have to redefine the ‘acceptable behaviour’ and ‘office hours’ with productivity as the balancing power. A result-oriented performance management will help to manage this. Second, being more open to employees on informations regarding the company.

The more ‘confidential but mouth-to-mouth available’ informations around, the less credibility and employee’s trust the company has. And trust is the fundamental of any relationship. Third, magnify people’s strengths. Good people always looking forward to develop their capacity and capability, and the company that takes care about this is where they’d love to work for. Fourth, stand more than profit.

People want to do things bigger and better than just looking for profit. The companies that acts for the betterness of society and uphold its value more than merely profit-oriented, will make people who work for them are proud. Fifth, make every rule and structure fair and logic. The more ‘stupid’ rules and ‘unjustified’ positions are there in a company, the farther it is from the expectation of people as ‘the best workplace on earth’.

That is the excerpt from the article “Creating the Best Workplace on Earth” from Harvard Business Review journal that was discussed during the January 2014 meeting of Global Mind Leaders Program. The discussion was in Bahasa Indonesia. During the discussion the participants discussed on how they can initiate a change to make their companies become the best workplace, or at least a better workplace.

One of the important thing they admitted was that the action that their companies took by facilitating them to be members of the Global Mind Leaders Program, aligned with the third principle, and they appreciated their companies for magnifying their strengths by providing the opportunity.