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Global Mind Leaders - " Marketing in the Age of Alexa "



" Marketing in the Age of Alexa "


AI assistants will transform how companies and customers connect.
By Niraj Dawar is a professor of marketing at the Ivey Business School and the author of Tilt: Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Customers.
(Harvard Business Review Press, 2013)

Idea In Brief

The New Environment
Over the next decade, smart assistants like Alexa will transform how companies sell to and satisfy consumers, and global firms will battle to establish the preferred artificial intelligence platform.
The Changing Behavior
AI assistants will become trusted advisers to consumers, anticipating and satisfying their needs, ensuring that routine purchases flow uninterrupted to their households like electricity, and guiding them through complex buying decisions.
The Strategic Response
Brands will need to shift the focus of their marketing from consumers to AI platforms, seeking to influence platforms in order to get preferential positioning on AI assistants.