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Global Mind Leaders - " How to Become a Game-Changing Leader "



" How to Become a Game-Changing Leader "


To successfully lead major organizational transformations, executives need to align purpose, performance, and principles within their companies. Doing so isn’t easy—and requires mastery of a wide range of leadership skills.
by Doug Ready and Alan Mulally ( MIT Sloan Management Review ).

Idea In Brief

It is quite simple for executives to say they aspire to build companies that are simultaneously purpose-driven, performance-focused, and principles-led. But it is remarkably difficult to actually achieve that.
High-value employees want to take part in a leadership capability that is distributed throughout the organization rather than concentrated only in the C-suite.
Senior executives need to not only summon the courage and the will to transform their organizations for a new era but also be prepared to embrace a different way of doing business.