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Global Mind Leaders (12 & 20 Oct 2016) - "Building an Insight Engine"



" Building an Insight Engine "


How Unilever got to know its customers
by Frank van den Driest, Stan Sthanunathan, and Keith Weed ( Harvard Business Review ).

Idea In Brief

The Imperative
Operational skill once conferred competitive advantage; now it's table stakes. The new source of advantage is customer centricity: deeply understanding your customers needs and ful lling them better than anyone else.
The Research
A study involving more than 10,000 practitioners examined the strategies, structures, and capabilities that distinguish high-performing, customer-centric companies. Having an independent insights and analytics function that participates fully in business planning and strategy is key.
The Case
Unilever's CMI group embodies the so-called insights engine through its expertise in synthesizing data, close collaboration with other functions, innovative use of new technologies and programs, and whole-brain mindset that balances creative and analytical thinking.