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Model Bisnis dan Proses Transformasi Digital Bank
  • VOKASI Universitas Indonesia

    Program Studi Administrasi Keuangan dan Perbankan VOKASI Universitas Indonesia menggelar Webinar bertema "MODEL BISNIS DAN PROSES TRANSFORMASI DIGITAL BANK" berlangsung 14 Dec 2021, diharapkan memberikan gambaran model bisnis dan proses transformasi digital bank di Indonesia.
Transformasi SDM di Era Digital
  • Perbanas Institute

    Perbanas Institute menggelar Webinar Series Ke-19 Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Program Studi S1 Manajemen dengan bertema "TRANSFORMASI SDM DI ERA DIGITAL" berlangsung 8 Dec 2021.
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Nov 2021
  • Transitioning Technology in Digital Transformation

    IT is at the heart of Digital Transformation. Generally, companies that want to carry out Digital Transfor- mation have also built IT capabilities before. They often have IT systems that are already running and widely used in companies (System Legacy). However, the planned Digital Transformation is very likely to require systems and devices that are very different from those already owned and executed. What is the best way to transition? This session will discuss the above using concepts and case examples.
Peluncuran Indonesia Digital Infrastucture Report
  • Indonesia Economic Outlook 2022

    Berita Satu Media Holdings (BSMH) menggelar Indonesia Economic Outlook 2022 bertema "Tahun Ekspansi Ekonomi" berlangsung 22-25 Nov 2021, diharapkan memberikan gambaran prospek ekspansi ekonomi nasional tahun 2022 dengan berpijak pada pencapaian selama tahun 2021.
Transformasi Digital Bank untuk Mendukung UMKM Indonesia
  • "Transformasi Digital Bank untuk Mendukung UMKM Indonesia" yang dipersembahkan oleh Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
Bank Syariah Indonesia: Knowledge Sharing Forum
  • Digital Transformation Readiness

    Knowledge Sharing Forum "Digital Transformation Readiness" yang dipersembahkan oleh Bank Syariah Indonesia
Launching e-Book: Panduan Transformasi Digital Bank di Indonesia
  • Webinar Launching e-Book

    Buku “Panduan Transformasi Digital Bank di Indonesia” telah mendapat sambutan baik dari kalangan perbankan Indonesia dan regulator. Karena itu, didukung oleh beberapa Bank, buku ini akan diedarkan dalam bentuk e-book agar dapat dibaca oleh jauh lebih banyak orang serta bisa lebih memberikan dampak percepatan transformasi digital bank di Indonesia. Untuk itu diperlukan sosialisasi berupa Webinar sebagai penanda peluncuran e-book tersebut.
Webinar: Masa Depan Bank Digital Indonesia
  • OJK Institute

    Webinar "Masa Depan Bank Digital di Indonesia" yang dipersembahkan oleh OJK Institute
Webinar: Communications in Digital Era
  • Indonesia Corporate Secretary Association - ICSA

    Digitalisasi membawa perubahan yang mengganggu dalam lanskap bisnis. Corporate secretary perlu menjaga komunikasi dengan investor, pemerintah, dan publik sedemikian rupa sehingga meningkatkan citra perusahaan. Penanganan komunikasi yang salah dapat memberikan dampak yang besar. Jika corporate secretary tidak mengelola komunikasi dengan baik, terutama pada masa pandemi ini, citra perusahaan akan bermasalah dan harga saham bisa turun. Namun, jika corporate secretary dapat mengelola komunikasi dengan baik, citra perusahaan akan positif dan harga saham akan naik.
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Oct 2021
  • Digital Operation Management

    "Kitchen" from every business is its operation management. Many things need to be achieved in operation management, namely, among others, how to do the work most efficiently, the fastest, the most accurate, the best quality, with the least investment. This session will discuss what are the current technologies that can help achieve these goals, including robotics, 3D printing, Big Data Analytics, and others.
The Impact of Digital Transformation on Indonesian Economy
  • Discussion on Digital Transformation

    Find out about DR. Dr. Bayu's insights on digital transformation, particularly on its impacts towards Indonesian economy, through discussion by IKAL Strategic Centre. Other guest speakers include Former Deputy Governor of Bank of Indonesia Dr. Drs. Paul Soetopo Tjokronegoro, MA. MPE and Assistant Governor, Department Head of Payment System Policy of Bank of Indonesia Filianingsih Hendarta, SH, MBA.
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Sep 2021
  • Shifting HR Management into Digital

    Human Resources Management is the most sensitive thing in Digital Transformation, because many things previously done by humans can now be done by machines faster, better and cheaper. In addition, many employees are difficult to increase their competence to be part of the company's future after digital transformation. Many traditional HR management methods today are no longer suitable, and demand "Agile HR Development". This session discusses how to transition from the current HR condition to HR management during the digital transformation.
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Aug 2021
  • Marketing in the Digital Age

    Interaction with customers and non-customers is one of the most rapidly changing activities due to digitalization. Microtargeting is possible and is a powerful digital marketing weapon today. Omnichannel data communication and integration is the back end needed to support this. In this session participants will explore how the above can be applied to their company.
All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Jul 2021
  • Crafting Digital Strategy

    Digital Strategy is not the same as IT Strategy. Digital Strategy includes strategies that the company wants to do through its Digital Transformation, along with its measurement indicators using the Balanced Scorecard method. Also a long-term business strategy whether to go to an IPO, private offering, merger & acquisition, with the consequences of steps that must be taken. All of these will be discussed in this session.
BPD Kalteng All-Round Digital Transformation Leadership - Season 07
  • Bank Pemerintah Daerah Kalteng

    Pelatihan All-Round Digital Transformation Program yang dilaksanakan 7 kali, dengan 2 hari pelaksanaan setiap kalinya, pertemuan pada 25-26 Jun 2021