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Learning Organization Development


Without innovation, a company cannot survive. Good leaders innovate for their companies, but GREAT LEADERS let the whole people in their organization to innovate by transforming the company into learning organizations. The concept of Learning Organization was first coined by Peter Senge and colleagues in 1990, and ever since developing to all over the world and also with some variation of implementation. Learning Organization is much more than Knowledge Management, but people often think they are similar. Knowledge Management is one of the 10 pillars of Learning Organization.

We can help your company to transform into a learning organization by four steps:

1. Benchmarking the company for Learning Organization index
2. Developing transformation steps
3. Execution of the steps
4. Continuous evaluation and fine-tuning

Gurantee: we guarantee that by transforming into a learning organization, innovations will be flourishing in your company.

Scope of Work

a. Learning Organization Benchmarking survey
b. Consultancy; developing the Learning Organization transformation plan
c. Workshops to support the execution of the transformation plan

Measurable Objectives

a. Improved innovations in all departments
b. Improved employees engagement