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Executive Coaching


Top Level Executives often have problems of performance, but think that the source of the problems is other people, not themselves. We can help executives to have a more objective view about themselves by self-reflection tools and also colleagues feedback tools. After that we can agree on a personal development plan and guide them through to reach the objectives. They need a coach who understand their values and life-goals, wise, and knowledgeable. High-potential talents can be developed in a fast-track using this method.

Guarantee: we guarantee that the executives we coach will perform much better than before and will be able to develop a better team with their colleagues.

Scope of Work

a. Consultancy; character mapping, self-assessment, getting colleagues feedback
b. Developing Personal Development Plan (PDP)
c. Coaching to achieve goals in PDP in a timely manner

Measurable Objectives

a. Improvement of Executives Key Performance Indicators
b. Improvement of Peer Reviews towards the Executives