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Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, MBA

Executive Director
Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, MBA.

His main acitivity is leading the Intellectual Business Community (IBC), an organization that provides strategic consulting, training and workshops for companies with main programs:

  • All-round Digital Transformation Leadership Program (DIGIFORLEAD) for leaders of companies that want to execute digital transformation
  • Global Mind Leaders Program, developing Global Mindset for company leaders using materials from Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review.

Current Positions

  • Executive Director of Intellectual Business Community
    Intellectual Business Community (IBC) is an organization that provides strategic consulting, training and workshops for companies. IBC is the only organization that provides a complete set of Digital Transformation Leadership modules for leaders of companies that is developed through researches done by own and other high profile institutions. IBC developed a comprehensive tool to guide companies transforming into digital.

  • President of Advance Pegasus International
    Advance Pegasus International is a company that provides e-learning platform DIGILEARN.id for companies to jumpstart their company's e-learning program. Pegasus also helps companies in developing their smart websites and applications.

  • Senior Expert for Healthcare and Digital Business Transformation at Kiroyan Partners
    Kiroyan Partners is a research based public affairs and strategic communications consulting firm.

Executive Expertise and Experience

  • As the President at Sekolah Tinggi Media Komunikasi Trisakti
    ST Media Komunikasi Trisakti is an institute in Jakarta offering Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Graphic Technology, under the Trisakti Foundation. He took the position in July 2011, and turned around the institute into a more advanced, creative, and profitable organization. The institute has received World Record Awards from MURI in 2013, and 2014. Report of Turning Around experience along with the measurement is published in the Magenta Journal of 2014 and the article copy is available upon request.

  • As the CEO of Abeng Associates Institute, PT Advance Business Center. Abeng Associates Institute is a consulting and training company in cooperation with Louis Allen Worldwide, USA. Founders of Abeng Associates Institute are Tanri Abeng, Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, and Harianto Mangkusasono.

  • As the Senior Vice President for Marketing for Indocare Citrapasific Group of Companies. He led the company's vision, implementing Balanced Scorecard, and led the implementation. He successfully achieved the best revenue and profit in the company's history under his leadership. The company's product Holisticare Ester-C became the market leader and achieved fourfold sales within a year.

  • As the Corporate Secretary for Pyridam Farma, Tbk. He accompanied the company's owner and CEO to bring this company successfully listed in Jakarta Stock Exchange.

  • As the Business Development Director for Fortune, Tbk. He generated new business acquisition for the company.

Public Education Activities

  • Author of 'Global Mind Leaders' tips at SmartFM radio (95.9FM)
    Dr. B started live talk-show program in SmartFM more than 6 years, emphasizing strategic practical experience discussion with CEO's and other important persons, including Ministers.

  • Author of 'Learning Organization' lessons at Brava radio (93.8FM)
    The Learning Organization concepts in a step-to-step explanation (2013-2014)

  • Host of The CEO REFERENCE TV Program at QTV (cable-TV) 2007-2011.
    The CEO REFERENCE program is a TV talkshow program with prominent persons, using framework of Harvard Business Review articles, applied in the Indonesian business context.

  • Educator of The Ask Your Doctor TV Program at MNC TV 2016 (13 episodes). The Ask Your Doctor program is a weekly TV talkshow program explaining important health issues for society at large, such as Asthma, Obesity, Dengue, etc.

  • Host of The Filantropi TV Program at DAAI TV 2018 (26 episodes).
    The Filantropi program is a weekly TV talkshow program exploring inspiring philantrophical contribution for Indonesian society, presenting philanthropists like TP Rachmat, Eddie Lembong, Hari Darmawan, etc.

Others Records (selected)


  • MBA final paper was quoted by Wallstreet Journal of London, 1995
  • Speaker at Innovation Forum (International Speakers) of Microsoft, Jakarta, June 2007
  • Lead the discussion of Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, BI Senior Deputy Governor Miranda Gultom, CEO of Mandiri Bank Agus Martowardojo, and CEO of World Islamic Bank, in IRIF (Indonesian Regional Investment Forum) Jakarta, June 2008.
  • Speaker at Regional HR Forum for Compensation and Benefits, Asian Business Forum, June 2009.
  • Speaker at Regional HR Forum for Compensation and Benefits, Asian Business Forum, in Singapore September 2010.
  • Final Session Speaker at "ASEAN 100 Leaders Forum", Manila, September 2011
  • Chairman of Committee for Asian Mensa Gathering 2012, Bali, September 2012.
  • Speaker and Session Chairman at International Conference "The Future of Corporate Governance in Digital Economy Transformation", Manado, August 2019


  • Best Development Executive Award, awarded by ASEAN consortium committee, 1996.
  • Translating the Human Resource Management Textbook of Robert Mathis, 2000.
  • Founder of APSKI (Asosiasi Pengusaha Suplemen Indonesia), 2007
  • Lead the Seminar "How to Balance IQ & EQ to be a Chosen Leader", Jakarta, November 2010.
  • Speaker at the Indonesia Fintech Show 2018, Jakarta, December 2018

Formal Education & Trainings

  • Medical Doctor, University of Indonesia School of Medicine, Jakarta, Indonesia, graduated 1991

  • Master of Business Administration, Webster University, Leiden, the Netherlands, graduated 1995.

  • Advance Teaching Course for Professors, Harvard Business School, Boston, USA, June 2011

  • High-level Training for National Leaders (5.5 months full-time), Lembaga Ketahanan Nasional (Lemhannas) RI, June-Nov 2013

  • Digital Transformation : Platform Strategies for Success, Massachusetts Institure of Technology (MIT) Sloan Executive Education, 2018

  • PhD in Management Science (2020), with research focus on "Leadership in Business Digital Transformation"

  • Alibaba Netpreneur Training, Alibaba Global Initiative program in cooperation with KADIN Indonesia, Juli-Sept 2018

  • Digital Leadership Academy : Theory, Policy, and Practice, by Oxford Internet Institute (OII) organized by Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika RI for 35 Digital Leaders in various sectors, November 2021

Regular Educating Activities

  • Lecturer at various Post-Programs/
    Bayu has been teaching post- programs in several prominent universities for more than 22 years. has also taught at MM-UI, MM-Pelita Harapan, MM-with various majors in Strategic and Human Resources, and teaching Strategic Brand Communications at Post-Graduate Program in London School of Public Relations

  • Certified Lecturer of Ministry of Research and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti)

  • Certified Professional Competency Assessor of Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP)


Books Published

  • "Revolusi Sistem Pendidikan Nasional dengan Metode e-Learning" June 2014, Gramedia Pustaka Utama.

  • "Panduan Transformasi Digital Bank di Indonesia: Konsep dan Praktek dalam Memimpin Transformasi Total" June 2021, MNC Publishing

  • "Tujuh Teknologi Digital Transformasi Penggerak Industri 4.0" Jan 2023, MNC Publishing

  • "7x3 Prinsip-Prinsip Teknologi Informasi" Aug 2023, MNC Publishing

Books in progress:

  • "Bisnis Digital vs. Konvensional"
  • "Telemedicine in the New Normal World"
  • "Plagiarism in Digital Era"

National Association Boards:

  • Secretary General for Association Digital Entrepreneurs in Indonesia
  • Secretary General for Alumni Association PPSA-19 Lemhannas RI
  • Chief of Supervisory Board of Aliansi Telemedika Indonesia (ATENSI)
  • Coordinator of DIGIFORBANKERS (Digital Transformation Forum for Bankers) of Ikatan Bankir Indonesia (2018-2019)
  • Chief of Learning and Development, LSKE (Lembaga Strategi Ketahanan Ekonomi) KADIN (2018-2021)

International Board:

  • Founder of Mensa Indonesia under Mensa International (Genius People Organization)
  • Reviewer Board Member for Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (JEMS)

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