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Global Mind Leaders - " Structure That's Not Stifling "



" Structure That's Not Stifling "


Well-designed and well-implemented guidelines are not the death of freedom.
By Ranjay Gulati
(Harvard Business Review Press, 2013)

Idea In Brief

The Problem
Most leaders view employee freedom and operational control as antagonists in a tug-of-war that can have only one winner. So they tend to pour their resources into regulating workers’ behavior—often unknowingly putting a damper on commitment, innovation, and performance.
The Solution
By giving people a clear sense of the organization’s purpose, priorities, and principles—that is, a galvanizing framework— leaders can equip them to make autonomous decisions that are in the company’s best interests. Employees should be involved in identifying and articulating those guidelines.
The Benefit
A coherent framework helps employees develop a deeper understanding of the business, which can boost performance on many levels, including engagement, quality, creativity, and customer service.