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Global Mind Leaders - " Creating a Purpose Driven Organization "



" Creating a Purpose Driven Organization "


How to get Employees to Bring Their Smarts and Energy to Work.
By Robert E. Quinn and Anjan V. Thakor
( Harvard Business Review ).

Idea In Brief

The Problem
You’ve surely seen this happen more than once: Employees get stuck in a rut, disengage from their work, and stop performing to their potential. So managers respond with tighter oversight and control, yet nothing improves.
The Reason
Most management practices and incentives are based on conventional economic logic, which assumes that employees are self-interested agents. And that assumption becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The Solution
By connecting people with a sense of higher purpose, leaders can inspire them to bring more energy and creativity to their jobs. When employees feel that their work has meaning, they become more committed and engaged. They take risks, learn, and raise their game.