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Prudential Indonesia - " LEADERS LEAD LEADERS - PROGRAM 2018 "



Prudential Indonesia
" Leaders Lead Leaders - Program 2018 "


Prudential Indonesia realizes that leadership is the key to further develop Prudential to be the best insurance company in Indonesia. To accomplish this goal, Prudential must develop the leaders of all levels into great leaders. Prudential Indonesia wants to empower senior leaders to be the coach and trainer of others leaders.

Idea In Brief

a. Have a Personal Mastery
b. Be good in building teamwork
c. Empowers their subordinates to take responsibility
d. Gives regular feedback on subordinates’ performance
e. Helps subordinates developing Individual Development Plan
f. Gives performance targets that are challenging but achievable
g. Understands how to motivate subordinates (customer centricity)
h. Helps team to adapt to change
i. Encourages new ideas and new ways of doing things
j. Evaluates subordinates contribution based on how well a job is done
k. Acts consistently with what he/she says
2 days workshop (16 hours)
The Instructor
Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, MBA.

Relevant Experience:
He has been a professional presenter for 21 years, other than training corporates, he is also lecturing at MM Universitas Indonesia, MM Universitas Pelita Harapan, MM IPMI, MM Bina Nusantara, and Postgraduate Program of Londons School of Public Relations. He has the experience to be a national and international speaker, and also he has been a speaker for Radio program, TV programs, and being invited in lots of mass media. He has been delivering this Train the Trainers workshop for many clients, including Telkom, XLAxiata, HSBC, and many others.