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Global Mind Leaders (16 & 17 Nov 2016) - "Beyond the Holacracy Hype"



" Beyond the Holacracy Hype "


The overwrought claims-and actual promise-of the next generation of self-managed teams
by Ethan Bernstein, John Bunch, Niko Canner, and
Michael Lee
( Harvard Business Review ).

Idea In Brief

The Hype
Holacracy and other forms of self-organization have been getting a lot of press. Proponents hail them as “flat” environments that foster flexibility, engagement, productivity, and efficiency. Critics say theyre naive, unrealistic experiments.
The Reality
Neither view is quite right. Although the new forms can help organizations become more adaptable and nimble, most companies shouldn't adopt their principles wholesale.
The Potential
A piecemeal approach usually makes sense. Organizations can use elements of self-management in areas where the need for adaptability is high, and traditional models where reliability is paramount.