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Global Mind Leaders (20 Jul 2016) - "How To Build a Culture of Originality"



" How To Build a Culture of Originality "


Anyone can innovate if given the opportunity and the support.
by Adam Grant ( Harvard Business Review ).

Idea In Brief

What's Possible
We tend to believe that true innovators are a rare breed. But most people are quite capable of original thinking, and leaders can set them up for success by building a culture of nonconformity.
What gets in the way
Unfortunately, leaders often fail to do this because they have trouble moving past their flawed assumptions - for instance, believing that doing fewer things leads to better work, and that strong cultures squash originality.
What To Do
Give employees ways and reasons to generate lots of new ideas (being prolific actually increases quality). Have fellow innovators evaluate the ideas (they do the best job of predicting success). And strike the right balance between cohesion and dissent in your organization (you need both).