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Global Mind Leaders (27 Jan 2016) - "Manage Your Emotional Culture"



" Manage Your Emotional Culture "


Most leaders focus on how employees think and behave
- but feelings matter just as much.
by Sigal Barsade and Olivia A. O'Neill ( Harvard Business Review ).

Idea In Brief

The Problem
Most companies pay little attention to their emotional culture - which feelings people have (and should have) at work, and which ones they keep to themselves. That presents problems for both individuals and organizations.
The Reason
Research shows that, for better or worse, emotions influence employees’ commitment, creativity, decision making, work quality, and likelihood of sticking around - and you can see the efects on the bottom line. So it’s important to monitor and manage people’s feelings as deliberately as you do their mindset.
The Solution
Once you have a handle on your existing emotional culture, you can shape it in several ways. Explicitly say which emotions will help the organization thrive, channel the feelings that people have and express naturally, and cultivate the ones you want through emotional contagion and the power of "deep acting".